There's something relaxing and entertaining about watching something being built (and you might learn something, too). Specialty car insurer Hagerty must agree, as its in-house YouTube series, "Redline Rebuilds," is currently on season three.

Instead of rebuilding a classic car or truck engine, though, Hagerty went for something newer this time around: the supercharged, 6.2-liter Hemi V8 found between the fenders of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. It's a fitting kick-off to season three of "Redline Rebuilds" if you ask us. Filmed in high-definition time-lapse, no detail is ignored, however minuscule. Every bolt and gasket receives its well-deserved screen time.

Starting with a bare engine block, the component parts are all laid out on a table, ready for installation. Over the next several minutes we see those parts gradually make their way into the engine. It speaks for itself – no voice-over required.

There is a triumphant-sounding soundtrack, though, the perfect complement to watching the birth of a beast. The video moves quickly, but certain milestones – such as the cylinder heads being mated to the engine block – are treated with the gravity they deserve, with a slower, more contemplative pace.

When we say that every detail is covered, we really do mean every detail. The supercharger, the cherry on top of the proverbial high-performance sundae, is completely built up from its component parts. The time-lapse filming style allows for a bit of whimsy, as it appears that the supercharger vanes are crawling into the supercharger body of their own accord.

Once the complicated supercharger assembly is built, it's installed on the engine, completing the assembly like a king's crown. The video ends with the finished engine teleporting itself into the Demon's engine bay, ready for some tire-roasting action. That supercharger whine is intoxicating, especially after watching the entire package come together, piece by piece.

Source: Hagerty on YouTube


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