The Toyota 2JZ inline-six engine is one of the major elements that makes the fourth-gen Supra so special because the powerplant provides an ample 320 hp in stock twin-turbo form, and some tuning can take the output even higher. The drift-spec Supra in this clip no longer has its 3.0-liter 2JZ, and Toyota's 4.0-liter 1UZ V8 is now under the hood. It's a lesson that following the trends isn't always the best policy.

This Supra started competed in the Formula Drift series in 2010. Current owner Kazuto Soon was the team's technical manager and acquired the machine when the crew was done with it. At the time, the trend was to replace the 2JZ with a V8, so the coupe got a 1UZ out of a Toyota Soarer (better known to Americans as a Lexus SC400).

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the 1UZ. The engine has a reputation for smoothness and reliability. However, even Soon admits that it's not powerful enough for a drift car by modern standards. The powerplant has the advantage of a torque curve that provides its maximum twist from 2,000 rpm all the way to 6,000 rpm, which is a great attribute for a car that needs to slide.

According to Soon, this setup is quite robust, and the car really only needs new tires to keep drifting. He reports no problems from the powertrain in the last six to seven years.

The video isn't all about this drifting Supra's specs because Soon also shows off his sliding skills on a rather tight course. This Toyota might be a little low of power, but the V8 can still kick out the coupe's tail.

Source: Galeri Kereta via YouTube

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