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The folks over at Pacific Coast Auto have sold yet another cool Toyota camper, and they have released a video showing it off prior to shipping to the United States. This one is a 1989 Toyota Town Ace van with a camper conversion complete with a pop-up top. It has a cool look, but the new owner needs to be ready to do some mechanical work.

The Town Ace exudes 1980s style with its angular front end. This one has a few issues, including service rust on the A-pillar and lots of little dings around the body. The paint is faded, too. The new owner might want to invest in a fresh coat of paint and hammering out the imperfections.

The engine presents potentially bigger problems. The van has a 2.0-liter diesel, and it's in need of maintenance. The gasket on the radiator cap allows coolant to leak out when the powertrain is running. Plus, Pacific Coast Auto says the mill is low on oil, which is another red flag that this camper's heart might need a mechanic's attention. 

This van has an automatic transmission, which is relatively uncommon for these vehicles. It could make this rig a lot more convenient for camping trips, though.

Things are a lot better on the inside, though. There are two couches that offer plenty of seating. A hinged table folds out of the way to offer extra room. There's a small kitchenette with a sink and refrigerator. The cooktop is no longer in this vehicle, though. The pop-up top provides extra sleeping space. In a cool touch, the previous owner was an avid fisherman and left some of his lures on the dashboard.

Source: Pacific Coast Auto via YouTube

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