News on the mid-engined Corvette front has been quiet side lately, but our friends at happened upon a new spy video posted yesterday by Corvette Nut on YouTube. Before you click the video above to see the action, please note there’s an F-bomb dropped in the clip. Also, there’s some shrill laughter towards the end that could annoy co-workers, or at the very least, alert your boss that you’re watching videos instead of working on that monthly report. Either way, discretion is advised.

It’s not the best look we’ve had of Chevy’s new supercar, but it does give us some fresh details to ponder. There’s a small lip spoiler at the rear that we haven’t seen before, and unless there’s some strange reflection occurring on hard edges around the headlights, the car seems to be sporting LED daytime running strips just above the main projectors.

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This tester is still wearing lots of bulky camouflage up front as well. We’ve seen other spy photos that show considerably less frontal area, with smaller intake openings that angle neatly under the car. This head-on view also gives us a different perspective on those large side intakes. In short, we can hardly see them, save for when the videographer steps outside for a better look. Perhaps those openings aren’t as massive as side-on shots make them out to be. has some interesting discussion taking place about this video that’s worth a read as well.

Obviously, the Detroit Auto Show came and went without the slightest hint of Corvette news. Current thought is that the car will arrive in a few months, either at the New York Auto Show or possibly at a stand-alone event in late spring. This all hinges around whether the reports of electrical problems in prototypes are delaying the reveal.

In the meantime, Chevrolet is slated to reveal a new model of the current C7 Corvette later this week at Daytona, ahead of the famous Rolex 24 endurance race. You can also check out some exceptional fan renderings below of what the new C8 might look like when it finally breaks cover later this year.

Source: Corvette Nut via YouTube,

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