It even lifted a full-size Ram pickup off the ground.

Friends, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around this one. First things first though – nobody was injured in this positively crazy crash involving a late model Nissan Maxima, and a whopping big travel trailer. At least, that’s what the video description at ViralHog on YouTube tells us. The description also says a woman was trapped inside the sedan, and it’s believed she crawled into the back seat and exited the car that way. This happened back on January 13 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but that’s all we know for sure about the crash.

Amazingly, the description says the car hit the trailer and went all the way underneath it to the rear of the tow vehicle. We’re tempted to call shenanigans on that, simply because we can’t fathom how a Nissan Maxima could wedge itself underneath a big double-axle travel trailer, never mind continue all the way forward and lift up a freaking full-size Ram pickup truck still attached to the trailer. But take a close look at the axles on the trailer; the wheels do look a bit out-of-place, and there are all kinds of broken bits further back under the trailer as well. Yes, it seems impossible, but there’s evidence that suggests this is exactly what happened.

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We did a bit of digging to try and piece this together. We don’t know anything about the trailer, save for it being called Outback. A quick Google search shows us these trailers can weight as little as 1,397 pounds, which isn’t all that heavy considering its size. There can also be a surprisingly large gap between the back of the trailer and the ground, and if the hitch on the pickup was a bit low, the gap could’ve been even wider. Furthermore, the accident appears to have taken place on a multi-lane, divided highway, and knowing what we know about Virginia Beach traffic, slow-moving backups can pop up rather quickly.

It’s conceivable, then, that that truck was braking for slow or stopped traffic and the Nissan didn't notice until it was too late. With the car nosediving under hard braking and the trailer slightly elevated, you just might get what you see here. It seems crazy, but perhaps the math works after all.

Folks, pay attention out there. It’s amazing nobody was hurt in this crash.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube