No, it's not the Dacia Sandero.

It’s safe to say James May has had an eclectic car collection over the years taking into account he has purchased everything from a Fiat Panda to a Ferrari 458 Speciale. His very first car was a used 1978 Vauxhall Cavalier, while his first new car bought straight from a dealer was a second-generation Porsche Boxster S. Other notable mentions include a 1972 Rolls-Royce Corniche, a Ferrari 308, an Alfa Romeo 164, and a BMW i3.

What does the future have in tow for James May’s garage? In an interview with DriveTribe – an online platform he founded along with Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson – “Captain Slow” was asked to name just one car he’d drive for the rest of his life. More than just a “what if” kind of question, James May says it will happen soon and the car of his choice is going to be a BMW 3 Series of the 320i variety. Why?

“It’s elegant. Tasteful. I like being in it. It’s powerful enough. It’s relaxing. It’s comfy. It’s well-made. It’s got just enough kit on it. It’s not too expensive. It’s the sort of car you’d get if someone was going to the supermarket and you said: ‘While you’re out, could you pick me up a car?’”

In the same video interview that took place at a barbershop, May expressed his appreciation for the new Toyota Supra and his dislike of diesel-fueled cars. The 56-year-old journalist named the Suzuki Swift as his favorite normal car and picked the Alpine A110 as the best car he drove in 2018. He liked the French sports coupe so much that he bought one, even though the retro styling applied to a modern car is not his cup of tea.

See the video above for the full interview.

Video: Drivetribe / YouTube, Drivetribe

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