At $96,395, the Navigator in Black Label guise is once again the most expensive new Lincoln money can buy right now. That’s because even though the Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition carries a sticker “slightly north of $110,000,” you simply can’t buy one anymore. Indeed, the retro-flavored luxury sedan with its suicide doors is no longer available even though the limited-run model was introduced a little over a month ago.

Ford’s premium division is happy to report all 80 examples planned for production have found their rightful owners already, despite the car being the most expensive new Lincoln in the lineup. Customers will be notified in February and will get their prized possessions beginning with this summer when deliveries are scheduled to commence.

Gallery: Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition

Demand for the fancy sedan with its 1960s-inspired doors actually surpassed supply, prompting Lincoln to extend the special edition’s life for a second-year run. It’s unclear at this point how many extra cars will be manufactured, but the company says it will disclose additional details in the near future. Hopefully, we’ll also learn about the model’s exact price tag.

While the news of a follow-up for the Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition will please those who didn’t get the chance to grab one of the original 80 cars, the early adopters might have a problem knowing their cars won’t be as exclusive as originally believed. Truth be told, Lincoln did say in the original press release about offering a limited number of cars for the 2020 model year. For those of us sitting on the sidelines, it’s nice to hear Lincoln is infusing some classic genes into its modern flagship sedan.

All cars will feature an individually numbered door sill plate further denoting it’s not just any Continental, but the Coach Door Edition featuring a six-inch longer wheelbase providing best-in-class rear legroom according to Lincoln.

Source: Lincoln

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