At the moment, the 2018 MAZDA3 is nothing more than a lump of clay on stage at the Mazda booth at the 2007 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show – and the vision of Mallory McMorrow

From lump of clay to life-size model

Last September Mazda started their search for the 2018 Mazda3 via a Facebook competition called the Mazda Design Challenge. Anyone could enter by submitting a 150-word description of their vision, a sketch was optional.

Mallory 'Car Girl' McMorrow, Industrial Design major at Notre Dame, won by a landslide and Mazda designer Jacques Flynn helped produce an early design sketch, “Jacques took everything I said and sketched, and put my thoughts and feelings on paper,” said McMorrow. In her own words 'I want a car with the body and soul of a sports car, but a car that knows that sometimes I want to bring my friends, my things, or my dog.'

Best part of the competition will be that Mazda designers will make a life-size model of the 2018 Mazda3 live at the LA International Auto Show!

“Now the hard part comes – to see if we can actually build a full concept car on the show stand in ten days and in full-view of show goers.” said Franz von Holzhausen, director of design at Mazda. The final unveiling will take place at 3 PM Nov 24.

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