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Oh, good – another marriage between an SUV and a coupe is about to take place. After introducing the Audi Q8 and the Lamborghini Urus, the Volkswagen Group is getting ready to beat another SUV with the coupe stick by unveiling the Cayenne “Coupe” or whatever it will be called. All three models are related to one another and the one carrying the Porsche crest was seen the other day undergoing testing in rainy Stuttgart.

As the two adjacent videos are showing, the coupe-ified Cayenne was following an Alfa Romeo Stelvio of the all-wheel-drive variety judging by the Q4 badge at the back. Porsche only camouflaged the essentials by hiding the rear pillar and the taillights, but despite the camo, it’s easy to notice the prototype had a slightly more sloped roofline compared to the regular model.

There’s something rather weird going on with the exhaust as those two tips near the corners of the bumper don’t actually host the real exhausts. Look closer and you'll notice the functional pipes are near the center, close to one another. It probably means the prototype lacked the production-ready exhaust system, which should mirror the look of the standard Cayenne’s exhaust.

Why come out with a sleeker version of the Cayenne? Because along with the Macan, the two SUVs represent Porsche’s fat cash cows. Last year, the smaller of the two SUVs was by far the company’s best-selling model, generating 86,031 sales, with the Cayenne securing #2 with 71,458 deliveries. With more and more people into coupe-SUVs like the BMW X6 and the Mercedes GLE Coupe, the decision to develop this version was a no-brainer.

Porsche Cayenne Coupe render

Porsche hasn’t said a word about when it will unveil the new addition to its SUV portfolio, but we might get to see it later this year. Engines, technology, and pretty much everything will be carried over from the standard model. With a Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid planned, it seems highly plausible the “coupe” will get the electrified 671-horsepower treatment as well.

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