Just days after getting fresh spy shots of the standard GLE-Class Coupe, here's a great look at the range-topping GLE 63 Coupe. Look for the base trim to arrive for the 2020 model year, but Mercedes generally delays the launch of the speedy versions until a little later.

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe spy shots

Compared to the regular GLE Coupe, the 63 gains a lower front fascia that gives the SUV a more aggressive look. Quad exhausts emerge from the back, and there looks to be a spoiler on the tail. Unfortunately, Mercedes' engineers cover the test mule in quite a bit of camouflage that does a fantastic job of concealing the design. The egg-crate grille covering likely conceals the company's multi-upright Panamericana design.

The overall design for the GLE family doesn't appear to change much for the new generation. There are styling tweaks at the front and back, but the SUVs' silhouette remains very similar.

Under the hood, the GLE 63 Coupe almost certainly uses a variant of Mercedes-AMG's 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. Power should be in excess of 603 horsepower (450 kilowatts) and could be as high as 630 hp (470 kW), like in the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe four-door.

A test mule for the standard GLE 63 revealed the interior for the new models. It follows Mercedes' new design aesthetic where a pair of screens span the dashboard for the instrument and infotainment displays. You can also expect the company to offer its latest driver assistance tech that should practically let the SUV drive itself in certain situations.

Buyers who want a similar look but don't mind a little less power can opt for the upcoming GLE 53. A 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 hybrid would make 429 hp (320 kW) like in the E53.

Source: Automedia, Carpix

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