We’ve seen custom-built 6x6 Jeep Wranglers before. We’ve also seen the 707-horsepower (527-kilowatt) Hellcat V8 shoehorned into the off-roader’s snug engine bay. This very orange and extremely custom Wrangler pickup from California-based Exotic Custom Motorsports finally manages to bring these worlds together, and what can we say? This is a Wrangler that can go fast and go anywhere.

The Fast Lane Car got an up-close look at this mental creation, called the JK Six for obvious reasons. This Wrangler started life as a previous-generation JK Jeep, but the 6x6 conversion process sees the off-roader completely disassembled. That’s partly due to the crazy amount of fabrication involved to add both a pickup bed and an extra axle at the back, but it’s also because Exotic Custom Motorsports includes all kinds of custom body panels in the build. Everything from fenders to bumpers and the cool carbon fiber grille are made in-house and fitted to the Wrangler, and that’s just what you see on the outside.

Gallery: Hellcat-Powered Jeep Wrangler 6x6

Underneath the Jeep gets a five-inch suspension lift with adjustable shocks, and it rides on 35-inch tires. The rearmost axle is the stock Dana unit, but the extra axle is a completely custom item built at the shop. The brakes are stock, but two more calipers are fitted to the extra wheels so this Wrangler shouldn’t have trouble keeping all that weight under control.

That’s a good thing, because it has more than enough power to roast all four tires at the back. According to the video, fitting the Hellcat under the Wrangler’s hood was a tremendous feat requiring considerable fabrication. An even greater challenge was getting all the Hellcat’s various computer bits to communicate and cooperate with the Wrangler’s various electronic components. All total, the build involved 1,500 hours of work spread out over a year and a half.

It certainly looks like the investment was worth it. This could be the best custom 6x6 Wrangler we’ve ever seen, and perhaps the best part is that it’s for sale. Such craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap however – the JK Six comes with a price tag of $289,000.

Source: The Fast Lane Car via YouTube, Exotic Custom Motorsports

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