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The world can always count on Australia to be awesome. If the gorgeous miles of coastline don’t turn your head, experiencing the Outback’s desolate beauty will melt your soul. Or, if you’re crazy like we are, just meet up with your mates and melt some tires instead. A lot of them. No seriously – freaking truckloads of them. In fact, enough rubber was atomized just this past weekend to literally set a Guinness World Record.

The action went down at Summernats, which for those not familiar with the Aussie motoring scene is a positively mental four-day automotive extravaganza filled with horsepower, thumping engines, cruises, driving events, and yes, tire smoke – a biblical amount of tire smoke. The annual event is held every summer in Canberra (lest we forget, while us northern hemisphere gearheads are freezing our tails off it’s summertime in Australia), and the 2019 festival just concluded last weekend.

Gallery: World Record Burnout

To give you some perspective on this gathering, 2,500 cars were on-hand to show-off for a crowd of 100,000 people. Thousands of exhibitors showed up, live music blasted all weekend, and tire smoke was visible from space. Actually, we can’t confirm that last bit, but watch the video at the top of this article and tell us we’re wrong.

What’s involved in pulling off a world-record burnout? In this case, 126 cars joined the melee, all lined up nice and neat for roughly 30 seconds of sheer outrageousness. In theory that’s 252 tires going up in smoke, and smoke they did. It didn’t take long for the cars to disappear in the cloud, followed by the grandstands and everything in the vicinity. The previous burnout record was set in Saudi Arabia by 119 cars, but let’s be honest here. Australia is known for two things: reptiles that will kill you, and massive burnouts.

It’s nice to see the title back where it belongs.

Source: Summernats via YouTube, Motoring  

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