We’ve all had a bad day. Some of us have had really bad days, and occasionally our temper gets the better of us. Punching a wall or embedding a Playstation controller into a television is bad enough, but this Toyota driver went full-on insane and crashed into a Porsche dealership – on purpose.

The incident happened late Monday night in Toronto. Details about the driver haven’t been released, but according to a report from CityNews Toronto we know the man was 20 years old and absolutely didn’t do this by accident. Apparently, two employees were at the dealership when the crash occurred; they told reporters the man got out of the car after smashing through the glass and into a couple parked Porsches, ran over to a yellow 718 Cayman, and wrote the name Eve on the side in black marker. Yup, apparently this whole thing was at least remotely connected to a jilted lover.


It gets better, because right across the street from the Porsche dealership was a police station. And with two employees already inside – one of them being a security guard – this random act of temper-fueled vandalism wasn’t entirely thought out. Then again, temper-fueled rages seldom have any such premeditation, but we can’t help but wonder why he chose the Cayman as the car to inscribe with his alleged ex-girlfriend’s name. Did she like the Cayman? Did he think the black marker would show up best on a yellow car?

Such questions are inconsequential at this point. Police estimate the damage to the dealership building is around $25,000, with upwards of $75,000 in damage to cars. We can see at least one Porsche Panamera with direct damage, and it looks like another Panamera was impacted as well.

Fortunately, nobody was injured, and for what it’s worth, we hope the driver receives some mental care. Yes, we all get angry, but this whole situation could’ve ended so much worse.

Source: CityNews Toronto, DanielB via Twitter

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