The folks over at Midenge Corvette Forum are hunting for every tiny scrap of info about the upcoming 'Vette, and the latest tantalizing detail indicates that the 2020 Corvette Stingray coupe and convertible carry the 1YC07 and 1YC67 internal model codes respectively. At first glance, this may seem like a rather arcane bit of info, but it's worth noting that the existing base coupe and droptop use codes starting with 1YY. So at a minimum, these bits of knowledge serves as further evidence of a new 'Vette arriving next year. 

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There's no proof yet that the new 1YC designation is for the mid-engined Corvette, and the knowledgeable fans at the forum draw two possible conclusions from the new info. The simple answer is that the revised code is for the much-anticipated next-gen 'Vette that moves the powerplant behind the driver. 

However, there's another, much different prospect. Since the internal designation changes by model, for example the current Grand Sport uses 1YW, 1YZ for the Z06, and 1YV for the ZR1, then 1YC could designate a new variant of the existing Corvette. In order to keep the C7 generation fresh and make up for the possible delay of the mid-engined model, then a tweaked variant could be on the way.

Both possibilities are enticing. There isn't much more than speculation about a convertible mid-engined Corvette at the moment, so this report would lend at least a little more credence to its existence.

Alternatively, a new special edition 'Vette could be a great last hurrah for the front-engined model. While we know that it's sticking around after the mid-engined variant, the traditional version might shrink in popularity once the new car arrives. Something extraordinary could keep the existing one in headlines until the next gen arrives.

Source: Midengine Corvette Forum

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