Since you are reading this, you are probably in the market for a tuned street-legal pocket-rocket. We’ve shared a couple of interesting offers in the last couple of months, including a monster V8-powered Miata and even Jesse’s tuned VW Jetta from the original Fast and Furious movie, but this one literally stole our hearts. We’ve seen a lot of modified Honda S2000s but this feels a bit more special. And it’s up for sale.

This is a 2003 example with tons of engine upgrades including new performance valves, pistons, X-beam connecting rods, and much more. There’s also a performance turbo kit in combination with a massive intercooler and hood exit downpipe. The air-fuel mixture is delivered to the engine through a Magnus intake manifold, larger Denso injectors, and Full Blown Motorsports fuel rail and pump.

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That’s not everything, of course. The significantly boosted performance is backed up by a heavily modified suspension with 17-inch wheels with drag radials. Interestingly, the transmission is stock but is mated to a new limited-slip differential. All the power is controlled by a high-pressure brake system with “race disks.”

All unnecessary features for track use have been removed. Gone are the heating, air conditioner, soft top, and ABS. After all, who needs proper heating or ventilation when wearing a race suit? The good thing is at least the power windows still work and the door panels, carpet, and center console are all intact. What’s really important though is that the body of the car has absolutely no rust or at least that’s what the seller is claiming. It’s been recently resprayed so it should also look good from the outside.

The car is currently listed for $25,000 but the seller says he is open to trades. If you are really interested, we advise you to hurry up because, “if there is enough interest,” the car might end up being parted out soon.

Source: Craiglist

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