And it weighs just 2,827 lbs/1,283 kg.

There’s no denying the McLaren 720S is an extremely quick machine. We’ve seen it racing all kinds of supercars, sports cars, and muscle cars and almost all of them are no match for the British drag beast. But can it be made even quicker? Yes, just reduce the weight.

Weight is the biggest enemy of speed and McLaren knows that pretty well. After all, the Woking-based automaker is one of the most experienced manufacturers when it comes to usage of carbon fiber. And what better proof than this sky blue 720S – it’s the car the guy from the Mr JWW channel on YouTube has been driving since September last year. And, most importantly, this could be the lightest 720S you can spec from brand new.

But how is this achieved? Of course, the car comes with a plethora of carbon fiber components which otherwise would be plastic on a “standard” 720S. Take for example the rear end where all of the air channeling panels plus the engine covering details are made of carbon fiber. Add to that the lower diffuser of the rear bumper which is a real masterpiece.

Are you ready to sacrifice some light for lightweight? That’s the case with this particular 720S which doesn’t feature the glass roof panels that are one of the most distinctive characteristics of the supercar’s design. Instead, they are replaced with carbon fiber panels not allowing additional light to enter the cabin.

Several other exterior details are also made of carbon fiber – the side mirror caps, headlights surrounds, front bumper splitter, air vents on the hood, and more. Ah, can you believe that even the audio system, designed especially for the 720S from scratch by Bowers & Wilkins, also uses carbon fiber components? Talk about attention to detail.

Source: Mr JWW on YouTube

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