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Mercedes-Benz has already confirmed the arrival of the new S-Class, which is good news, considering how the brand's SUVs are slowly becoming the money makers for the German marque. After all, it is the S-Class, the ultimate Mercedes sedan. 

We have yet to get full details about the full-sized sedan, but there's one bit of information that has entered the rumor mill: the upcoming Mercedes S-Class sedan will only come with a long wheelbase.

According to Autocar UK, the seventh-generation Merc sedan won't come in two different wheelbase lengths anymore. Known internally as the W223, it has been rumored to come in long-wheelbase version only and you can blame that on the E-Class. Since the E-Class has grown to a length of 4,920 millimeters (194 inches), offering a short-wheelbase S-Class would step into its bounds, thus, the decision of keeping the next-generation S-Class in long wheelbase at 5,280mm (208 in).

Although, nothing is confirmed at this point yet, so we can all take this rumor with a grain of salt. At least for now. Besides, Mercedes have a full year to change its mind. A lot of things could happen within this timeline.

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At this point, based on the recent spy shots, we can predict that the upcoming S-Class could come with level 3 autonomous driving capability, as also confirmed by Daimler's head of R&D. Mercedes would probably use the latest of its MBUX infotainment system, which would be more advanced than what the next-generation CLA will have in its CES debut.

Lastly, the new Mercedes S-Class might have a full-electric version with an EQ S badge. If and when will it debut is something we have to watch out for.

Source: Autocar

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