Mazda is one of the automakers that have confirmed their heavy committed to internal combustion engines despite the ongoing electrification process in the industry. The Japanese company believes gasoline, diesel, and rotary engines are still a cleaner solution in terms of CO2 emissions and these powertrain options will remain its main focus in the coming years.

This relatively conservative approach will be mixed with much more progressive design philosophy. Mazda’s European design boss, Jo Stenuit, recently told Autocar the manufacturer has no plans to adopt the so-called Russian doll styling approach and will instead give each new model its own identity.

“Every car that comes will clearly be a Mazda, but the way we execute the reflection of surfaces will be different in each car,” Stenuit told the British publication.

Simply put, expect to see more of the beautiful lines of the new Mazda3 in all the bigger cars that are coming from the brand but don’t look for the exact same exterior design. And, yes – one might think this design language will perfectly suit a hot hatch from Mazda but, unfortunately, the marque is not open to resurrecting the MPS badge for the newly-launched model.

Looking at Mazda’s plans, it’s probably safe to say the company's executives don’t have a clear vision of what should come out next. An RX rotary sports car is ruled out, as is an all-electric sports car. However, everyone at Mazda seems to be dreaming of a rotary performance vehicle but the current “business environment” is not allowing the automaker to build it right now. Meanwhile, a new crossover designed especially for the U.S. market is expected to join the lineup and to be produced at a new $1.6-billion factory Mazda is building together with Toyota in Alabama.

Source: Autocar

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