General Motors has released new information about their upcoming crash avoidance system. They will use sensor fusion technology to a car's position and the location of potential hazards.

Cadillac has released new information about their driver assistance package for the 2013 XTS.

Billed as the first General Motors system to have sensor fusion technology, the car uses radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors to detect its position and the location of potential hazards. Among the features included are:

  • Rear Automatic Braking
  • Full-Speed Range Adaptive Cruise Control 
  • Intelligent Brake Assist 
  • Forward Collision Alert 
  • Safety Alert Seat 
  • Automatic Collision Preparation 
  • Lane Departure Warning 
  • Side Blind Zone Alert 
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert 
  • Adaptive Forward Lighting 
  • Rear Vision Camera With Dynamic Guidelines 
  • Head Up Display

While these features aren't extraordinary for the luxury segment, GM says sensor fusion technology "is a building block in the development of semi-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicles."

In the future, GM hopes to develop an advanced LIDAR-based detection system that can measure the distance to a vehicle by illuminating it using laser pulses. It would likely be used as part of an upcoming crash avoidance system.

The company also expects an improved GPS system will provide more accurate positions and better mapping data. When this occurs, drivers can expect better coverage in dense urban settings and possibly improved crash-avoidance systems thanks to the ability to "locate vehicles in relation to one another" - likely through some form of wireless communication.

Check out the press release for additional information

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