According to a recent report, Koenigsegg is developing a camless engine which is based on their twin-turbo V8.

Car & Driver says the engine will use pneumatic-controlled valves to individually regulate each cylinder. This will reportedly enable the engine to have infinitely variable valve lift and integrated cylinder deactivation technology.

Although camless designs are nothing new, there have been no viable applications in production cars using pneumatic-controlled valves. However, there is Fiat's MultiAir system which uses electro-hydraulic variable valve actuation technology on the intake side. Koenigsegg's design is reported to improve fuel efficiency by 20 to 30 percent.

In related news, the magazine says Koenigsegg is still seeking a smart airbag exemption which could enable the Agera R to be sold in the United States. Additionally, the company will reportedly unveil a rendering of their 100th vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show.

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