Christmas is nearly upon us. Surely by now you’ve made the annual trek to the local Christmas tree lot, or perhaps you prefer the more traditional method of heading out to the forest and finding your own special tree to bring home. Five-time Lucas Oil Off-Road champ Kyle LeDuc was a bit late in choosing a tree this year, but as the video above proves, he made up for lost time in grand fashion.

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of cheeky holiday videos this season, but this one piques our interest for a few reasons. For starters, the pickup hauling the tree isn’t exactly a showroom-stock F-150. It wears a body shell that resembles an F-150 Raptor, but it’s actually a Pro 4-class racing truck with a chromoly tube chassis, a six-speed sequential transmission, and a 900-horsepower (671-kilowatt) monster under the hood. It’s four-wheel drive, and though it appears to sit rather low, it rides on a suspension setup that could absorb the Grand Canyon.

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In other words, it’s the perfect truck to bring home that special Christmas tree. And as the video shows, LeDuc has no trouble corralling all that power. With the tree tied to the roof, he delivers a three-minute exhibition that redefines the term cross-country. There’s plenty of drifting, a few neat donuts, and enough airborne dirt to fill every kid’s sandbox in South Dakota. There’s also a small jump, and by that we mean he launches the truck upwards of 235 feet. Take that Ken Block.

Unfortunately, the tree didn’t weather the trip very well, as it looks pretty threadbare at the end of the run. Mrs. LeDuc doesn’t appear too happy about it either, but hey, that’s race car life.

Folks, as we head into this holiday break we have nothing but the best wishes for all. Stay safe on the roads, and for crying out loud – don’t hit big jumps unless you have a cool, purpose-built off-road racer.

Source: Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp via YouTube

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