’Tis may be the season for giving, but sometimes you need to treat yourself and what better way to do it than by picking up a Ferrari 458 GT3-Spec V8 engine. If your project car’s engine bay is without a beating heart, this sweet sounding race engine is currently for sale on racecarsdirect.com for a little more than $58,000. The road-going 458 produces 562 horsepower while this race version was tuned to only 540 ponies. 

Why is the race version slower than the street version? It all comes down to the restrictors hindering the full potential of the screaming V8 that can rev up to an atmospheric 9,000 rpm. With the nannies turned off, the engine should be able to generate more than 600 hp without breaking a sweat.

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According to the advert, the engine has clocked just a tad over 5,000 miles since it’s been rebuilt  by the Kessel racing team in 2016. That’s a lot of miles driven on track, so you might want to start saving up for another rebuild in the future. It’s also mentioned that both the engine and transmission will be included in the total price. If you only want the motor, it’ll run you just under $37,000. The transmission will cost you close to $23,000. 

If you remember the Toyota GT4586 that Ryan Tuerck and Shawn Hudspeth from Huddy Motorsports built a couple of years ago, then you know that you can pretty much stick a Ferrari V8 anywhere. Rattle the cages and drop it in a Mustang or S2000. You’ll be sure to make front page news with loads of haters, but who cares right? We think Santa can fit this V8 in his sleigh, but just be sure to let him know you made the good list.


Source: racecarsdirect.com

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