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Ford never offered a four-door Bronco to the public, at least until the upcoming SUV reviving the nameplate. The team at Maxlider Brothers Customs decided to make this idea into a reality by stretching a first-gen Bronco, fitting an extra set of doors, and a third row of seats to take more pals off-road.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Custom Four-Door by Maxlider

The build is mighty impressive wherever you look. Starting on the outside, someone could actually believe this is something from the Ford factory in the 1960s but with a few modifications over the years. Elements like the modern wheels, slightly larger fender flares, bulkier roll cage, and LED headlights are subtle but highlight this rig's more functional demeanor. 

Under the skin, there's a supercharged 5.0-liter Coyote V8 making 670 horsepower that runs through a six-speed gearbox to a sophisticated four-wheel drive system. Elements like a thoroughly revised suspension and disc brakes bring the performance up to modern standards. 

The interior mixes classic styling with the amenities that people want today. For example, the retro-tinged upholstery pattern uses plush leather that you'd never find in a Bronco in the 1960s. An infotainment display hides in the center console, and blue LEDs light the cabin. To enjoy music while off-road, the builders conceal the speakers in a bar that runs the length of the roll cage so that everyone can hear the tunes.

The only downside to this layout that we can think of is the lack of cargo space, which might limit long-term off-road driving to a single-day outing. Adventurers could always tie their gear to the roof bars, though.

If you want a deeper look at Maxlider Brothers Customs process of building this four-door Bronco, the company has a multi-part documentary chronicling the process. They are embedded below.


Source: Maxlider Brothers Customs via Uncrate

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