According to a recent report, Daimler reportedly lost €330,000 ($439,260 / £276,255) on every Maybach they sold.

Maybach's demise is starting to reveal new details about the company's grim financial state.

Car is reporting the brand only managed to sell 3,000 vehicles in the past seven years. Despite their high price tags, Daimler reportedly lost €330,000 ($439,260 / £276,255) on every model they sold because they invested €1 billion ($1.33 billion / £839,228,000) to revive the brand in the first place.

In related news, the magazine says Maybach considered a GL-based crossover, an entry-level 52 and a four-door 57 convertible which was eventually turned into the Mercedes Ocean Drive concept at the last minute. None of these vehicles ever reached production, but the Aston Martin-Daimler agreement was slated to spawn a new family of vehicles with five different body styles - at least before talks collapsed.

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