Chevrolet's mid-engined Corvette development team have stripped a little camouflage off the much-anticipated sports car and taken it testing on Michigan's roads. With less concealment, we can possibly see a few previously hidden design details.


Compared to previous test mules, this one has a radically different front-end styling. The lower fascia appears to be open across the entire front end, instead of the groups of smaller inlets on the mid-engined Corvettes in previous spy shots. It's possible that this change might simply be a new method of camouflaging the 'Vette's face because there's also a prominent lip all the way around the fascia. The piece could be a way of attaching the black concealment part to the front of the vehicle.


Looking closely, a vertical LED strip is also visible, which isn't evident on previous test mules. It gives the headlights a more angular look than in earlier shots.

The development team keeps the rear of this test mule hidden, but earlier spy shots give us a better look at it. The layout features quad taillight lamps with a rounded square shape that evokes the back of a C4-generation Corvette ZR1.

The mid-engined Corvette engineers recently experienced a serious setback when reports leaked out the model's launch was delayed. There is allegedly a major problem with the vehicle's electrical system because the current setup allegedly can't handle everything onboard. The necessary changes mean working with suppliers to create the revised components. The issue shouldn't be so severe that it keeps the mid-engined Corvette from debuting sometime in 2019, just not at Detroit's North American International Auto Show like in previous rumors.

Source: rhurren505 via Instagrampuppiesnmuscles via Instagram, via Corvette Blogger

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