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Here’s some interesting news for Blue Oval fans. is reporting that it uncovered a plan from Ford calling for a new F-150 pickup to arrive before it reveals the new Bronco. There’s no other confirmation on this alleged timeline so we only have’s take on the subject to go by, but if the report is accurate, a new F-150 should be right around the corner because we know the Bronco is coming for 2020.

Considering what we do know, the report does make sense. The F-150 received a facelift in 2017 for the 2018 model year, but the current generation actually dates back to 2015. In the fast-moving, lucrative world of trucks in the U.S. that could be a lifetime ago, and we’re sure Ford executives are acutely aware of the brand-new half-ton trucks Chevrolet and Ram unveiled this year.

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There’s no question Ford has a new F-150 in the works, but to the automaker’s credit, we haven’t caught a single prototype testing. We did catch a plug-in hybrid model on the road nearly two years ago, but it was a powertrain mule wearing current-generation F-150 skin. We've nabbed spy photos of the beefy Ford Super Duty, but the F-150’s big brother looks to be getting a facelift instead of all-new bones.

Then there’s the Bronco, which Ford has specifically said would arrive for 2020. Therein lies another question – does 2020 mark its debut, or when it will go on sale? That’s a significant question that could vary the timeline by up to a year. If it’s slated to hit dealer showrooms in 2020, the Bronco will debut next year. Considering we haven’t seen even a hint of an F-150 prototype yet, it’s unlikely the pickup could arrive first. That would mean the Bronco won’t debut next year as we thought, but in 2020 as a 2021 model. That would give ample time for a new F-150 to hit the scene.

Of course, this is all dependent on’s report being accurate. In any case, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for camo-wrapped trucks hitting the roads around Dearborn.


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