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Folks, running a car company is tough work. When everything is going perfectly, you still need to find the right balance of technological development, growth, sustainability, and innovation. You need to be acutely aware of current trends, but also have a keen eye towards the future. It’s a tough environment in which to maintain a sense of humor, but not for Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche. He’s stepping away from Daimler next year, and as this cheeky video shows, he’s applying for an ambitious "new" position.

If you recall, we learned back in September that Zetsche would exit the company but return as chairman of Daimler’s Supervisory Board. However, before that can happen he must take a two-year break from the company. Enter this humorous video, in which Zetsche considers numerous auto-related positions during a high-profile interview, including tantalizing roles in manufacturing, design, and Formula 1. Spoiler alert: Zetsche doesn’t fit into Lewis Hamilton’s racing gear.

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The real purpose of the video is to deliver a year-end message of reassurance to all of Daimler, but given its YouTube release, the message is undoubtedly all-encompasing to the public. His message is rather candid as well, citing the challenges Damiler faced through 2018 and preparing everyone for more challenges in 2019. Those difficulties aren’t necessarily exclusive to the German company – the auto industry as a whole is experiencing a paradigm shift towards SUVs, autonomous cars, and electric power. The changes are accelerating, and automakers are drastically trying to evolve while staying above water in this developing marketplace.

To Zetche’s credit, his tenure as Daimler CEO saw the company surpass BMW to become the number one luxury automaker in the world. His success at Daimler is an enviable accomplishment, but for the sake of this video, that success also helps him “land” a critical new position. Conveniently, his new job has a two-year evaluation period, ending just in time for him to transition back to Daimler. We’ll let the video explain just what that job is, but we’ll say this – he needs to really start growing that facial hair.

Source: Daimler AG via YouTube

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