A previous detailer did a very bad job of cleaning the Chiron.

Cleaning a Bugatti Chiron to perfection requires a lot more than just pulling the supercar into a wash bay and spraying off the supercar with soap and water. A new video from Ride & Shine Detailing shows off the laborious process of putting the high-speed machine back into pristine condition.

Host Serge Langendoen starts out by giving the Chiron a fairly standard wash, and this reveals some shocking details. Whoever cleaned the supercar in the past did a very poor job and left swirls in the carbon fiber's finish all over the body. As a result, Langendoen had to be a little more aggressive than usual in the polishing process, but some extra time with the random orbital buffers, including a cute, tiny one, made the body shine again. 

Langendoen then washes the Chiron once again to get the dust from the polishing process out of the nooks and crannies. The wheels get some attention, too, and he's very careful not to damage the finish of them. 

Now that the car is the cleanest it can be, any owner would want to keep the Chiron looking immaculate for as long as possible. Langendoen's partner takes on the difficult task of applying paint protection film to the body. The Bugatti has a very curvy body and comes with the extra challenge of having very few seams between the panels. These factors add an extra challenge to making the material look good on the supercar, but the guy does a fantastic job.

After one more wash, the Chiron is finally ready to leave the shop and roll out onto the very chilly streets. The Bugatti now looks perfect and should shine under the lights in the owner's garage.

Source:  Ride & Shine Detailing via YouTube

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