This Toyota MR2 concept needs to be built.

The Supra is back… or, it will be when doors open to the Detroit Auto Show next month. But it won’t be the only sporty two-door in Toyota’s lineup for long. The company plans more sports cars, and rumors hint at a revival for the beloved Toyota MR2. The company could bring back the compact coupe with help from Subaru, say reports. But one artist has his own vision for a new and much sleeker MR2.

This is Artist Esa Mustonen’s dream of a futuristic MR2. It has all the makings of a sports car for the year 2025 – sharp, sleek lines, an aggressive body, and a defining rear – mixed with a Toyota-friendly fascia. If you squint, you might be able to distinguish the Corolla Hatchback or upcoming Supra, with hints of the outgoing MR2 in its DNA.

Gallery: Toyota MR2 Concept

Mustonen doesn’t suggest what could be hiding underhood, but based on reports, we assume it would be some sort of hybrid powertrain. Toyota is currently working on a more powerful 2.4-liter engine for the next-gen 86/BRZ, so this new MR2 could theoretically get a detuned or hybridized version of that, depending on where Toyota fits it into the lineup.

"I worked with David Ovide on the first model to practice working with a modeler," Mustonen notes. "But after my internship at Genesis, I learned so much that I felt it was best to try my newly found knowledge on my own model, so I modeled the second model (which you see here) by myself."

Sadly, this Toyota MR2 is just a concept. Toyota hasn’t confirmed the coupes arrival, nor provided any glimpse at what said new MR2 could look like. But if the company is smart, it would take a hint from Mustonen’s concept – it’s absolutely stunning.

Source: Esa Mustonen / Behance