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If there's a circuit that's famous to both racers, car manufacturers, and normal road users alike, it's probably the Nurburgring, or specifically the Nordschleife part of the track, also known as the North Loop. This is where the 24 Hours of Nurburgring endurance race happens, as well as a favorite testing ground and lap time facility for carmakers, in which the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ holds the crown as the fastest car at the 'Ring.

The best thing about it is that it's open for public access when there's not scheduled race. You just have to pay a certain toll fee and you're free to smoke out the 14.173-mile Nordschleife. Good times.

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But speed doesn't come without hazards – due to the nature of the road, the Nurburgring is subject to several crashes and mishaps. It's a challenging track, and that's what makes the track very popular. After all, it isn't called "The Green Hell" for nothing, right?

Apparently, there's a Youtube channel that compiles crashes in the Nordschleife part of the Nurburgring. For what reason? We don't know, actually. But the channel is passionate about it as it has a compilation of crashes that dates back to the year 1993. It's an annual thing for the channel, and this time, the compilation of crashes for 2019 is out.

From mom-mobiles to old school hatchbacks, from 911s to Bimmers, nobody's safe from the wrath of the Green Hell. A lot of cars fell victim this year and as always, the long right-hand turn was the spot where the cars had problems on. A van has also been spotted tackling the track, and it, too, had issues with the long turn. Of course, you saw that coming.

Source: EMS Nordschleife TV via Youtube

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