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With the inevitability of internal combustion engines (ICE) going away looming closer every year, automakers are constantly looking outward to find alternative ways of propulsion. But according to Automotive News, a new German startup, Micro Wave Ignition AG, claims to have the technology that will save the internal combustion engine from being completely displaced.

MWI says that its newfound technology can cut consumption of gasoline and diesel by as much as 30 percent and emissions by as much as 80 percent. This is all accomplished by using pulsed microwaves to ignite fuel rather than spark plugs, in the case of gas-powered engines, or glow plugs, in the case of diesel. Fuel consumption is then reduced due to the lower temperature at which the fuel burns.

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The company may be from the small town of Empfingen, but its technological advancements have caught the eye of some big investors. One of them is a former chief executive officer of Porsche: Wendelin Wiedeking. Wiedeking and a group of other private investors own about 20 percent of MWI and the company is already in search for a buyer and international partner to help take the new technology to market.

If MWI’s tech fuel saving technology takes off, it would be huge for the future of the internal combustion engine. It will also help keep conventional fuel-burning cars on the road and drive up profits while the push for EVs continue to grow. There might still be hope for piston-pumping automobiles after all.

Source: Automotive News

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