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Nobody wants to see their car damaged at a repair shop. That’s where cars go to get better, not worse. It’s especially tough when the vehicle in question has some measure of enthusiast DNA, but a Honda S2000 has more than a few strands of excitement in its system. The legendary two-seater is so good on the road that it's often described as being an extension of the driver. So yeah, seeing one dumped on its side in a garage is borderline traumatic.

The incident is brought to us by a YouTube channel called TheSupercarSuspects. Apparently the ride in question was purchased a few months ago by one of the channel’s main presenters and was in need of some clutch mending. The car went to an undisclosed shop for the maintenance work, and as you can see, things didn’t go according to plan.

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What actually happened here? Obviously, the car fell off the lift, but exactly how is it happened is the primary topic of discussion in the video. One person claims the shop said the lift had failed, though the lift itself appears to be fine. The video later says the shop amended the story by saying it fell off the lift, though a clearer explanation is never offered. We will avoid the speculation on how it happened – there’s plenty of that in the video. We’ll just say it’s an unfortunate accident.

As for the condition of the S2000, the video shows lots of body damage obviously. There are also claims that the frame is damaged and the car is “totaled” though no official word on that is provided, either during the video or in any follow-up post. We’ll not speculate on damage either, but we’ve certainly seen much worse.

The YouTube channel appears to cover lots of illegal street racing activity and other facepalm-worthy antics like running from the cops, so perhaps this was the S2000’s way of trying to avoid a more gruesome demise. In any case, hopefully this gem of a sports car isn’t relegated to the junkyard.

Source: TheSupercarSuspects via YouTube

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