The Bugatti Veyron has come and gone but will forever have a place in automotive history as the grandfather of the modern hypercar. Having a price tag of over one-million dollars, it goes without saying that keeping up with proper maintenance on a Veyron requires quite a bit of money, tens of thousands of dollars in fact.

Not only are parts quite expensive, but getting anywhere near the engine bay requires the disassembly of the entire rear end. There isn’t much information on how much a regular service interval costs on a Veyron, but an EPA certification application was recently found and shed some light on how deep your pockets need to be to own this hypercar.

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The application contains pages of information, including line items showing how much each part costs along with labor work covered under the emissions warranty. Much to our surprise, there were some parts that didn’t break the bank like camshaft position sensors that only cost $9, but they’re also the same ones found on the Mark IV Golf and Jetta. On the more expensive side of things, each turbocharger will cost $6,400, which adds up quickly since the W16 engine uses four of them. Don’t forget to add $9,000 in labor costs to each side. Total damage amounts to a heart-aching $21,800 per side.

Just when things couldn’t get pricier, replacing the fuel tank including labor will run you $42,000 alone. If you put that into perspective, you can literally go down to your local Audi dealer and drive home with a brand new S3. Did you ever think a fuel tank for a car could amount to the price of a brand new Audi? We sure didn’t.


Source: Road & Track

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