"The scope of the entries was very impressive and in the end it came down to which team had the most innovative and fun design that could be best applied to a daily lifestyle,"

RoboCar of 2057

Most designers in the automotive industry have difficulty enough trying to come up with a concept that will appeal to consumers in the near future, say 2 to 5 years, but that does not stop design challenges from happening. This time the LA Auto Show asked eight local design houses to create a vehicle to make life easier in 2057.

The Volkswagen Concept Slipstream won, besides for its 'unique' styling (the other entries tended to be more 'unique' though), because of the integration of highway and city driving and its level of innovation and technology. In the city the vehicle is a teeardrop shaped pod travelling on two wheels, a housed segway, which tilts horizontally when driving on the freeway to enhance aerodynamics.

"Thinking 50 years in the future using autonomous driving and artificial intelligence was challenging for our design team," said Derek Jenkins, Chief of Volkswagen Design.

Main purpose of the LA Design Challenge is not merely to design unattainable or plain silly concepts but mainly to pit the LA based design houses against each other on a yearly basis. Last year the Hummer 02 won and in 2005 the GMC PAD took home the glory and trophy.

Volkswagen Slipstream Wins LA Design Challenge