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Dear readers,
Global Editor-in-Chief John Neff and I are laying plans for a blockbuster 2019 at We’re developing a lot of new and exciting ideas, and we keep coming back to one fundamental question: What do our readers want?
Please tell us.
We’re asking you to burn exactly three minutes and take the 2018 End of the Year Reader Survey. Tell us what you like, what you don’t and what would suggest (as well as any complaints you have). We’re listening, and we’re ready to make better for you.
Three minutes is all it takes. Here’s the link:
Also, interestingly enough — the last time we did a survey, a large amount of readers complained about a specific type of annoying ad in our slideshows. We took that feedback seriously and sent it directly to our developers. And they removed that ad quick. That ad, and a few dozen other changes and improvements that we made in 2018, came directly from your reader feedback. We’re paying attention and your feedback matters.
Thank you.
Eric Goeres
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