Volkswagen is driving its advanced research and development of environmentally-friendly drive technologies with full force.

Tiguan HyMotion and Passat Lingyu

The Volkswagen Tiguan has barely made its world debut (at Frankfurt) and a 'green' spec version makes it own world premiere at the 2007 Bibendum challenge, this year held in Shanghai, China PR. Next to the Tiguan HyMotion, Volkswagen is also running the zero-emissions Chinese Passat Lingyu and a small legion of diesel powered cars.

The Tiguan HyMotion is powered by an electric motor powered in turn by a litium-ion battery. The battery can last upto 6 ampere-hours and is recharged through storing braking energy and the hydrogen fuel cell. Top speed is 150 km/h and it has been clocked at 14 seconds speeding from stand-still to 100 km/h.

The Volkswagen Passat Lingyu has been developed by Volkswagen and Tongji University in China. The Lingyu run on an electric engine producing 88 kW of power which uses a lithium-ion battery. The battery is also charged through preserving braking energy and through the university's almost entirely self-built, fourth-generation low-temperature fuel cell.

Volkswagen Tiguan HyMotion at 2007 Bibendum Challenge