Saleen Automotive brought out two new models recently, one of which is the H302SC which gets an impressive 580 horsepower and 525 ft-lb of torque.

Saleen Automotive recently showed off their new 2008 H302 and H302SC models in California.  Sure to be inspiring to even the most casual of Mustang fans, the two new Mustang versions get some interestingly massive upgrades.

The two models, dubbed H302 and H302SC, are meant to show reverence to the Pony fan (the "H" stands for "Heritage"), while building upon the legend.  With a 302 cubic inch engine, the 302 Saleen Models boast better performance than a stock Ford.

"The 302 engine is the best engine that we have ever done," said Saleen Powertrain maestro Rob Simons in a press release.

For the more laidback Saleen/Mustang lover, the H302 gets 390 horsepower.  But if you really love power, the H302SC may be more your style.  Getting a spectacular 580 horsepower and 525 ft-lb of torque, the H302SC has a 302 engine matched with a Saleen-exclusive twin screw intercooled supercharger.

With either model you get a short throw six-speed manual transmission, Saleen Racecraft suspension tuned specifically for the H302, and 14-inch front vented slotted brake rotors with four-piston calipers.  Braking is helped by ABS, and all that power is reined in with assisted traction control.  19-inch forged aluminum alloy wheels in both silver and chrome are available for the H302.  H302SC customers get a specially painted seven-spoke 19-inch forged wheel.

Saleen Vice Chairman Chris Theodore said, "The H line draws its inspiration from the late sixties Boss 302 Mustang, and is a real compliment to the Ford family heritage."  Theodore is also Chief Technical Officer at Saleen.

Production on the H302 started in October, with the H302SC hitting the assembly line in December.  500 units of the $56,999 H302 will be available.  The SC will set you back $74,999.

At that price for the SC you may instead choose the slightly cheaper Corvette Z06, which goes 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds.  But if you are looking for true exclusivity, consider that only 200 units of the 2008 Saleen H302SC will be produced.

Saleen Reveals Two New Mustangs