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At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, MINI unveiled the Rocketman concept to the world's media. It received a positive reaction which raised hopes that it could eventually reach production. Now it appears to have failed to hit those expectations, reports have claimed the model will be consigned to the concept scrapheap as development plans have been canceled.

The short platform of the MINI Rocketman had a wheelbase of just 3050mm and a length of 3419mm, this is 304mm shorter than the regular three-door MINI hatch. It created so many development problems in the areas of handling, stability and crash performance that it would require a huge expense if the project were to go forward.

The model is known internally as the MINImini or MINI City and should have returned the brand to its core values. Larger vehicles such as the Countryman and Clubman don't really follow what the MINI brand is all about.


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