Under the hood is a 2.5-liter engine.

There’s no denying the coolest second-hand Volkswagen Jetta you can buy these days is the tuned sedan from the first Fast & Furious film. Jesse’s white Jetta is currently listed for sale for a whopping $99,900, but if you are looking for a more affordable Jetta, here’s one for you.

It’s actually one of the very few Jetta pickups we’ve seen and is based on the 2010 model. The small truck, or should we probably say ute, was built by a company called UA Custom with the conversion kit provided by Smyth Performance. In fact, that’s not really important, as what really matters here is that the vehicle looks good and well-proportioned.

The seller says the car is in nearly perfect condition with recently changed oil and filters. The brakes and tires have some life left, so that shouldn’t be a short-term problem, too. In general, “everything works like it should.” The only visible damage is to the front bumper's skirt, but that's not hard to fix.

Under the hood is a 2.5-liter, five-cylinder naturally-aspirated gasoline engine, which shares its cylinder head design with the V10 motor of the previous generation Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Gallardo. That’s a realiable, non-clean diesel engine mated to an automatic gearbox sending power to the front wheels. In short, the Jetta pickup “has the ride of a car but the versatility of a small truck.”

The vehicle has 68,590 miles on the odometer, but that number might increase due to the car being driven daily. It’s located in Philadelphia and is currently listed at $15,500. We bet if you show up to the seller with anything close to $14,000, you’ll be driving this cool Jetta ute home.

Source: Craiglist