One year ago formula one coverage on WCF ended due to poor traffic and high expense. As serious F1 fans ourselves, this was a decision that was made with great reluctance.

However, we left the door open to bring it back and now we're very happy to announce F1 coverage will resume on WCF - but with one small drawback. There will not be any photos included with the stories.

Due to high licensing costs of F1 photography, we put priority on the stories instead. This enabled us to bring F1 coverage back to WCF sooner. Despite this, we hope to bring the photography back some day as well.

During the two years WCF previously covered F1, there were 6735 articles posted - an average of 9 stories per day. The stories will flow in the same volume as before with occassional big stories being featured in the main headlines section on the WCF front page.

F1 stories can be accessed by the headline widget located on the right or left sides of all pages. At the same time, please feel free to point your RSS readers to: 

Furthermore, we have set up dedicated WorldCarFans-F1 Facebook pages and Twitter feeds so those who use social networks can still keep abreast of breaking stories.

While you're there, please "Like" the Facebook page, share posts and retweet them as much as you can.

Formula 1 coverage returns to WCF