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For delivery driver Farrah Haines, the work day starts off as she gets into her 2013 Hyundai Elantra. At first glance, the car seems to be stock, minus the front grille guard to protect from the countless hours of driving. After five years and averaging 200,000 a year, her trusty compact sedan hit the coveted one-million mile mark. According the video, each and every mile driven was accomplished with the original drivetrain We don't know if it's rebuilt, but still, it's quite an achievement.

Modern cars today can clock 100,000 miles without blinking and eye and the 200,000 mark is pretty attainable for most. With proper maintenance and careful driving, some cars can go even further. For most people, driving 12,000 miles a year is the average. However for Farrah, she claims to legitimately love driving, why not make a living out of it?

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Whether your car has an analog or digital odometer, you’ll see a space for six numbers. This meant that when her Elantra finally hit the million mile mark, only 999,999 showed. Having reached such a special milestone with her car with no way to prove it, this left Farrah a little bummed. Hearing about her incredible story, Hyundai reached out and were kind of enough to solve this issue. The company replaced the old odometer and gave her “The Million Mile Emblem” only offered to Hyundai owners who have reached the seven-figure mark.

With proof of crossing a million miles, Farrah is ready to take on the next million. Officially part of the million mile club, Hyundai also gave her a gold license plate frame that states the impressive feat she and her Elantra have fulfilled.


Source: Hyundai via YouTube

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