Powerful engine tuning for gasoline and diesel models, elegant aerodynamic enhancement, light-alloy wheels with corresponding suspension modifications, and custom interior options.

Sport wagon

Leave it to Brabus to fine-tune your Mercedes, even if you haven't bought it yet. Brabus, and Carlsson, will be revealing their Mercedes C-Class Estate (S 204) tuning package at the upcoming Essen Motor Show.

Brabus has engine conversions for every engine in the range, the C 200 CDI receives an additional 39 hp, C 220 CDI is bumped up by 50 hp, C 320 CDI will do with another 48 hp, while the gasoline engines are propped up to 332 hp (both the C 280 and C 350 can be equipped with the Brabus 4.0 displacement engine package).

Besides the power boosts, Brabus has a stainless steel quad sport exhaust system for the C Class wagon, 17, 18 or 19 inch wheels and a sport suspension, lowering kits and sport sway bars suited for each size, high performance brake system to handle the extra power, and of course the aerodynamic kit.

The exterior kit consists of a front spoiler reducing lift on the front axis, rocker panels which optimize airflow between the front and rear wheel houses, and rear bumper with special cut-outs for the two dual tailpipes.

Stay tuned for the Essen Motor Show which starts this coming Friday!

Gallery: Brabus Mercedes C-Class Wagon at Essen