Infiniti first informed us that they were working on a new electric vehicle back in September. The following month, they showed us voluptuous new teaser images announcing it will be an electric sports car concept with range-extended capability just like the Chevrolet Volt.

Now just a few days ago, a third installment teaser along with a boring interview video was released. The new teaser image was widely covered across the interwebs, but the boring video was negleted. Fortunately, we finally took the time to sit through it and managed to capture a few more screenshots of the seductive looking concept plus a few new details.

During the video Infiniti's Deputy Division General Manager of Product Strategy and Planning, Francois Bancon, talks about the challenges of such a project and how this range-extended EV powertrain, that is typically known for being fuel efficient, is applied to an uncompromising performance sports car. He affirms this is a contradiction that Infiniti thrives on.

For our patience Bancon rewards us by mentioning the range extender internal combustion engine will be a 1.2-liter mounted in a mid-ship package for optimal weight distribution and therefore handling.

With a vehicle such as the electric sports car concept, Bancon proposes that owners will be able to drive to downtown London guilt free with zero emmissions, while having fun on the race track with a high-performance sports car. He concludes that this is a new way of thinking about sports cars for the future.

The Infiniti electric sports car concept will make its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in early March.

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