The Falcon F7 supercar has been unveiled to the Detroit public and will now get its share of the action.

Michigan-based tuning firm first announced its intentions one year a go when they displayed the Mach 7 concept. The progress from concept to production has been pretty quick and anyone looking to get their hands on one of these babies will have to set aside a cool $225K.

The F7 draws its power from a modified version of Chevrolet’s LS7 engine. It has been upgraded with carbon-fiber intake manifold that employs separate plenums for each cylinder bank and long intake runners. It results in an output of 620hp (628PS/462kW) and 813Nm (600 lb-ft) of torque and with a weight of just 1263kg (2785 pounds), this car sure does have a nice thrust behind it.

Gallery: Falcon F7 supercar unveiled in Detroit

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