The Dodge Avenger is currently living on borrowed time and if reports prove to be correct, it could be axed within the next 3 years. The Chrysler executives are looking to focus the development dollars on the better-selling Chrysler 200 sedan that resides on the same platform.

"Chrysler Group will likely consolidate around one midsize car in the future," Reid Bigland, head of the Dodge brand, said in a Monday interview at the Detroit auto show. "If we have two cars that are very similar, it does split dealer focus, consolidating around one very competitive entry certainly has its advantages."

The sales of the Dodge Avenger are lagging behind the Chrysler 200 sedan with the latter selling 87,033 units in 2011 compared to the Avenger's total of 64,023. But the true question is whether the Dodge customers will transfer over to the new Chrysler 200, or will they ditch the company altogether. Rivals such as the new 2013 Ford Fusion has received some pretty positive reactions.


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