The much anticipated Alfa Romeo Giulia was supposed to arrive in 2012, but Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne's dissatisfaction with proposals sent designers back to the drawing boards. This caused a bottleneck in the development process as other designs on the sibling models to the Guilia were also rejected. Now the Giulia is not expected to arrive until 2014.

Thankfully, Alessandro Masera, who is a passionate Alfa fan and amateur virtual designer, has sent us these speculative renderings of what he wishes the Giulia will look like. The designs, which include both sedan and sportwagon, are mouth watering and contain some Ferrari flair, as all Alfa models should.

From documents obtained through an investors conference, Alfa Romeo revealed plans to become a "near-premium" brand that embraces style, performance and lightweight construction. We can only hope the Italian brand fulfills those goals.

But in the meantime we can appreciate Masera's renderings until Fiat gives us something to sink our teeth into.

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