The Mercedes SLS AMG is the darling of the German tuning scene at the moment and Mercedes speciality tuner Inden Design has showed us what they've put together for it.

Dubbed The Flyer, Joachim Inden from INDEN Design admits the SLS AMG is near perfect and too much upgrading for the sake of tuning can upset the balance of the car quite easily. Therefore, the SLS needs to be approached with restraint and upgrades need to be modest.

With its 6.2-liter V8 engine producing 571 PS (420 kW / 563 bhp) and 650 Nm (480 lb-ft) of torque in standard spec, Inden has added 52 PS (38 kW / 51 bhp) through a remapped ECU and sports exhaust system which includes manifolds and catalytic converters. Total output is now 623 PS (458 kW / 614 bhp).

As a final touch, Inden has added a set of 10.5x20 wheels with 265/30-20 tires on the front and 295/30-20 on the rear.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG with 623 PS by Inden Design

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