More importantly, it could indicate the recent insider story we saw is actually true.

Yesterday we brought you a very interesting Corvette story from a claimed insider who purported to have full disclosure on the upcoming mid-engined Corvette. It seemed plausible enough, but some things didn’t add up in our minds and with no way to verify the anonymous claim, it’s certainly hard to trust the source. We still don’t have any official verification, but sleuths at MidEngineCorvetteForum found what could be a smoking gun to support at least part of the story.

A forum user named jagamajajaran dug up a patent application from the U.S. Patent And Trademark Office filed back in July 2016 by GM Global Technology Operations LLC. It’s a design patent for a new GT emblem (pictured above), and it’s significant for two reasons. The July 2016 date matches the date on a patent application for a GM mid-engine engine hatch cover we reported on yesterday, an item almost certainly destined for the mid-engined Corvette.

More importantly, the GT badge matches the story from the user unlimitedPower, who specifically said Chevrolet was launching a Corvette GT model following the C8’s initial debut for 2020. That is very interesting, and it certainly adds credibility to the story.

Does that mean everything unlimitedPower said is true? There’s no way to know until Chevrolet releases official information, and in the spirit of transparency, this patent application makes no mention of Corvette. In fact, it doesn’t mention any model, but we can’t think of anything else in GM’s portfolio that might be ready for a GT moniker, save for perhaps the Camaro. However, we now have a story that specifically mentions a Corvette GT and a patent design for a GT badge filed at the same time as a hatch cover for a mid-engine car from GM. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

We still don’t have a confirmed date for the C8’s official reveal, but rumor says it will likely happen next month in Detroit.

Source:, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office