In celebration of the Volvo P1800's 50th anniversary Volvo Design Director Christopher Benjamin has revealed his interpretation of what a modern day P1800 might have looked like. Despite being created purely for fun, Volvo would love your thoughts on this design.

Built between 1961 and 1973, the 2-door notch-back coupe was designed by Pelle Petterson through the Italian Carrozzeria Pietro Frua design firm. In 1957 just before production was set to begin by auto manufacturer Karmann in Germany, their most important customer, Volkswagen VAG, prohibited them to continue construction. Volkswagen feared the P1800 would steal sales away from their own Karmann Ghia coupe and gave Karmann the ultimatum of canceling the P1800 project or lose all Volkswagen contracts. This almost caused the P1800 project to be abandoned.

Suddenly, after two years of silence the P1800 was revealed at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1960. Volvo commissioned British based Jensen Motors to build the P1800 and first units hit the market in Septmeber 1960 as a 1961 model year.

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