The George Barris-designed hot rod, Travolta Fever, recently sold on eBay for a healthy sum. WCF looks at what else the money could be used for.

Despite all the stories floating around about the declining value of the American dollar, $27,000 is still a good chunk of change.  $27k can buy you 6,000 Jucy Lucy cheeseburgers from Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis.  You can use that money to go see Beowulf, and Angelina Jolie’s 72-foot wide gold-painted boobies in their full three-dimensional glory, 1,800 times at the Navy Pier IMAX in Chicago.

With $27,000 you could pick up 188 gallons of gas, 63 packs of cigarettes, a year of car insurance, and have enough leftover to convince a porn star to join you for a three-day Route 66 road trip in your overly nostalgic hot rod.


Or you could just buy the hot rod.


You may remember we brought you a story nearly three weeks ago about the George Barris-designed Travolta Fever Pontiac Firebird up for auction on eBay.  After some fairly uninspired back-and-forth bidding, the awesomely grotesque piece of Americana sold for $27,100.


The buyer, whose eBay screen name is “cjproperties2y03,” refused our request for an interview, by simply not responding to our inquiry.  We desperately wanted to know what the thought process was behind this purchase.  Is he an auto museum curator, looking for a new show piece?  Perhaps she was a huge fan of Urban Cowboy, and really dug the cowhide interior.  Maybe the buyer is Barris himself, wishing to make amends for past mistakes.


Whatever the case may be, all we know about the owner is that he (or she) recently picked up bushings to repair the motorized headlights on a Buick Reatta.


It really is a shame.  We wanted to take the new owner to a karaoke bar and see if they knew all the words to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”  So, if you’re out there, cjproperties2y03, check your Inbox.  We’d love to take you up on a mechanical bull riding challenge.

Travolta Fever Sold On Ebay